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[Tradeable]Enchant Item (99 Dragon Coins)
• Swap item bonuses for new ones
• Bonuses are chosen at random
• Can only be used once

Give your gear new gleam and power with fresh bonuses!
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[Tradeable]Reinforce Item (59 Dragon Coins)
• Chance to get a new bonus
• Reinforces items up to maximum of 4 bonuses
• Can only be used once

Add a random new bonus to one of your items with just an ounce of luck!
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[Tradeable]Blessing Marble (50 Dragon Coins)
• Chance to apply a fifth bonus
• Requires four bonuses to be present
• Can only be used once

Use the Dragon God’s blessing, and a hint of good fortune, to add a fifth bonus to an item which already has four bonuses.
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Cor Draconis (Rough) (10 Dragon Coins)
• Contains a random Dragon Stone of the class ‘rough’
• Receive powerful bonuses
• Refine with Dragon Stone Alchemy

This precious gemstone from the very core of a dragon’s heart boosts you with powerful bonuses!
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[Tradeable]Stone of the Blacksmith (79 Dragon Coins)
• Chance to get a Blacksmith Handbook
• Greater chance of success than a Dragon Scroll
• Item is not destroyed in the event of failure but merely reduced by one level
• Also requires: Blessing Scroll

Seize your chance to get a Blacksmith Handbook and thus improve your success rate when improving items!
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[Tradeable]Green Dragon Bean (19 Dragon Coins)
• Increases your Dragon Stone's level
• Strengthening can fail
• Tradeable
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[Tradeable]Magic Iron Ore (59 Dragon Coins)
• Enables production of a Dragon Scroll
• Improved chances when improving items
• Item not destroyed in event of failure
• Also requires: Blessing Scroll
• Can fail, in the event of failure the item is reduced by one level
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[Tradeable]Stone Handbook (20 Dragon Coins)
• Removes broken stones
• Provides new chance to improve your gear
• Can only be used once

Now there’s no reason to cry over broken Spirit Stones. Simply remove the shattered fragments and try to upgrade your equipment again.
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[Tradeable]Scroll of Correction (49 Dragon Coins)
• Removes the most recently added Spirit Stone from an item
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