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Premium Box
• Contains:
+ Experience Ring (30 Days)
+ Lucky Medal
+ Thief's Gloves
+ Storage Chest
The arrival of the Metin Stones crippled the economy and contaminated the fields. At the same time, the war ended all trade communication between kingdoms. It wasn't long before hunger and deprivation was seeping through the continent.
Experienced treasure hunters have thus resorted to magic to help them get hold of valuable items. This means that they can quickly fill up their wallets and storerooms.

The Premium Box is valid for 30 days and contains an Experience Ring (increases collection of experience by 50%), a Lucky Medal (doubles your chance of looting Yang), the Thief's Gloves (doubles your chance of looting items) and a Storage Chest (you storeroom receives two additional storage spaces).
You save 53 DR compared to buying them individually!
Price Dragon CoinsDiscountYou saveReceive Marks

Premium Box
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8.Respectable43 lvl
9.BlackAce42 lvl
10.Bufer4D39 lvl

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