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Dragon Shaman Chest (Small)
• Small chest for Dragon Force Shamans
• Contains:
+ Potion of Wisdom (5 x 3h)
+ Exorcism Scroll (10 pcs.)
+ Mercury Encyclopedia (Small)
The constant threats exchanged between the three kingdoms requires that the brave fighters be equipped with all things that they may need for countless missions in distant areas on their journey to becoming a master of their art.
The brotherhood has equipped the Dragon Shaman Chest with lots of useful items. Pick up the chest and save in comparison to purchasing the items individually!

Contains the following:
+ Potion of Wisdom (10 x 3h)
+ Exorcism Scroll (20 pcs.)
+ Concentrated Reading (10 pcs.)
+ Teleportation Ring (5 pcs.)
+ Mercury Encyclopedia (Large)
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Dragon Shaman Chest (Small)
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