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Shinsoo Kingdom

The Shinsoo kingdom is located in the southern part of the continent. The main activity of the population is trade.

Opened after the disintegration of the former empire by Yoon-Yoing, trade with the east quickly became a profitable arrangement. Shinsoo has conflicts with the western kingdom and the trade road can be dangerous. When they recognized the threat posed by the Metin Stones, the merchants armed themselves.

Their aim is to defend themselves against western attacks, reopen the trade road and reunite the former empire under their Emperor.

Chunjo Kingdom

The Chunjo Kingdom is located in the western part of the continent. It is a theocratic kingdom and is controlled by its spiritual leader.

It was founded by Yoon-Young, a cousin of the former emperor. Yoon's wife possessed vast magical powers, and it was she who discovered the threat of the Metin Stones and supported him in his struggle to contain it. Several times he recommended the initiation of countermeasures against the Metin Stones, but he was always ignored. Thus he led his fellowship in a rebellion against the former empire. After the disintegration of the former empire, Chunjo is still engaged in open warfare with the Eastern and Southern kingdoms.

Their aim is to take control of the entire continent and to defeat the growing power of the Metin Stones.

Jinno Kingdom

The Jinno kingdom is located in the eastern part of the continent. This kingdom was founded on military might and the population is aggressive and militant.

The leader of the Jinno kingdom is Ee-Ryoong, the son of the last emperor. He believes that he can reunite the former empire through war.

Fears about the implications or effects of the Metin Stones are officially ignored. But secretly, Ee-Ryoong is trying to find a way to use the deadly power of the Metin Stones for military purposes.

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