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Thanks to their skills as well as their heavy armour, Warriors play an important role in close-combat situations. They strive principally for great physical strength and a balanced, calm psyche.

Depending on their chosen speciality, they can wreak havoc with their two-handed weapons or through their skilful use of sword and shield, which can defend against any opponent's attack.
Ninjas are professional killers, who can attack through ambush. In order to maximise on both strength and mobility, these assassins wear only light armour. This allows them to execute rapid and fluid manoeuvres without hindrance.

Depending on their area of specialization, Ninjas can be master fighters in close-combat situations with daggers, or in distant-combat situations with bows.
The wisdom achieved through long years of intense study allow the Shamans to use Spells and Magic to attack their foes. When in a fight and in support of their friends, their mystic powers are very effective.

Depending on their area of specialization, Shamans may choose to strengthen their attacks, or to upgrade individual healing and support spells.
Suras are fighters who gained magical powers by agreeing to grow the Seed of Evil in their arms. The magic they now control allows them to wound their enemies from afar in distant-combat situations, while their skill with a sword makes them excellent close-combat fighters.

The Suras can choose to improve their attack-spells or develop additional strengthening spells.
1.SHRDD50 lvl
2.Freaqq50 lvl
3.Andrei190450 lvl
4.QareZ48 lvl
5.Aubury47 lvl
6.BlackAce42 lvl
7.Bufer4D39 lvl
8.Namira39 lvl
9.ShammyTime38 lvl
10.ChevaLier37 lvl

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