1. RomanInPlm 50 lvl
2. Monastyr 46 lvl
3. 4D 45 lvl
4. Aubury 43 lvl
5. BlackAce 42 lvl
1. AnyFox 31 lvl
2. Jukke 30 lvl
3. Any 30 lvl
4. Jukkee 28 lvl
5. bbbbbbb 28 lvl

Server Status: ONLINE
Created Accounts: 1779
Total Players: 1338
Total Banned Accounts: 52
Online Since: 8.05.2018 00:00:00
New Server Start In:
WorldOfMetin3: (TBA) 8.05.2021
Patch Notes: 0.2.8 (22.11.2018) - (23.11.2018) 2018-11-22 00:00:00
- Fixed Bug Peach Blossom (with show count you arleady give to Biolog)
- Fixed Bug Bellflowers (with show count you arleady give to Biolog)
- Fixed Bug Kaki Blossom(with show count you arleady give to Biolog)
- Fixed Bug Gango root(with show count you arleady give to Biolog)
- Fixed Bug lilac(with show count you arleady give to Biolog)
- Fixed Bug Tue-Mushrooms(with show count you arleady give to Biolog)
- Fixed Bug Orc-Tooth (with show count you arleady give to Biolog)

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[Bugged]Quest "The deserter"
Hello, today we found a bug of "The deserter" Quest. when you create character you can get from this quest reward infinite times.
All Account using this bug more than one time got permamently ban! we can't restore these accounts. we are sorry,

All accounts blocked can Restore Dragon Coins and Marks from banned account just use Support or Discord.

WorldOfMetin3 Team

Happy Hour 25% 2018-11-16 09:33:20

Dear community,

the benevolence of the Dragon God radiates across the three kingdoms!

Make use of this window of opportunity and get yourself 25% more Dragon Coins! This offer is valid from 12:00 16.11.2018 to 12:00 23.11.2018

WorldOfMetin3 Team

Patch Notes: 0.2.7 (16.11.2018)
New Server Fenikss
Rates: gold: 300% / Exp 300%
Players Online Show Online players from 2 servers.
Added Ranking top 100 and top 5 for New Server.

Translated Skills Teachers and Bugfixed
Fixed Bug Refine Upgrade Blacksmith at Server:Fenikss
Added 10 Small potion to new Character at Server:Monastyr

Banned 2 Accounts of Using Unofficial Software to Play.

Patch Notes: 0.2.6 (9.11.2018) 2018-11-07 10:36:46
New Offer:

Click Here For Better Size
From Today you can buy your Own Slot For Server!

Note: the monthly server cost is depend on how many gaining DC profit from players!

If you are interested please contact with me for more Informations.

Update: Added Players Online

Fixed: Teleporter Doesn't work at Map: 61/62/63/64/65

Updated and Translated Teleporter:

Patch Notes: 0.2.5 (2.11.2018) 2018-10-29 11:25:50
Start: 31.10.2018 12:00 End: 5.11.2018 12:00
Bonus Experience 25%
Start: 31.10.2018 12:00 End: 1.01.2018 12:00
Drop From Pumpkins: Click Here

Update Drop From:
Old Woman Skill Reset Fixed,Translated
Warehouse Kepper Updated & Fixed & Translated
Stable Man Updated & Fixed & Translated

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